K.B.S Fitness Clients

When I started working out with KBS Fitness I was sluggish and unmotivated. Within six months I had decreased two pant sizes and increased my energy and fitness levels. In addition, the instructor at KBS Fitness is aware of the individual needs and abilities of each client and patiently challenges you to meet your fitness/weight objectives.  Moreover, I have been a diabetic for three years.  Recently, because of the change in my body’s metabolism, the doctor has decreased my medicine. I am certain I will be completely medication free by the end of the year, all thanks to the guidance and care of KBS Fitness.

Cassandra G.

K.B.S Fitness Clients

As a busy mother of 2, a business owner and active leader in community service, I've put everyone else first. Working out with K.B.S Fitness is one of the few things I started doing for myself and it's changed everything. I look better, eat better and feel better about everything.

I need a class and a time to show up. Otherwise it just will not happen, no matter how good my intentions are. K.B.S Fitness works for me.

I did not exercise for years and years. And I've never worked out with a trainer. Now I will never not work out without a trainer. The results, the program, the focus and the fun are far beyond what I ever could have imagined or motivated myself to do on my own.

Within a few months I lost over 10 pounds, added muscle and reshaped my body. My husband and friends have even commented that my butt looks way more sassy vs. saggy!

I love that we never do the same thing. Kingi switches it up and keeps it interesting and is resourceful to use what's around (sand dunes, benches, fences). The sun, the wind, the beach--being outside makes it's even more energizing.

Kingi pushes you farther than you ever imagined you could and then some.

Shelly H.

K.B.S Fitness Clients

I started working out with Kingi last summer at an outdoor bootcamp. I was impressed with his focus on posture, and his simple creative style of using the outdoors to get the best fitness results.

I have not been in the gym for over a year and you wouldn't know it from looking at my body. My body is lean, and my arms and legs are toned and muscular.

I've always wanted to enjoy long distance running and with Kingi's help, I've built up my endurance and I'm really enjoying the results of our weekly runs.

With nutrition and the outdoor workouts, I'm happy with my results. Thank you KBS Fitness! Fun, Creativity and Results♥

Donnell R.